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Care and Dairy Farm-Campground-Cheesemaker-Farm Shop

Everyone is welcome at Pitteperk!

Pitteperk is a care and dairy farm, a campground, a cheesemaker, and a farm shop.  The work is done by an enthusiastic team of farmhands who have a wide variety of special needs, professionally qualified special care workers and agricultural staff, volunteers, social services trainees and asylum seekers.  The team is guided by the long experience of The Dreessen Family in successful farm management, special needs care and socially responsible living. 

Care Farm

The care farm piece of Pitteperk is intended for people with intellectual disabilities and youth care.  People who have an indication from social services for a daily, guided work activity position are eligible to work at Pitteperk.  It is open Mondays through Fridays.

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The campground at Pitteperk is 2 km from the center of Middelburg and 5 km from the beach.  It is located on the farm next to the vegetable garden and orchard.  Guests are welcome to enjoy the atmosphere of the farm and the walking routes through the ancient estate of Ter Hooge just over the road. 

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Farm Shop

The Farm Shop sells milk, buttermilk and cheese made from our own cows.  We offer vegetables and fruit harvested regularly from our own gardens and orchards.  We have a lovely selection of regional products including: beers, wine, juices, jams, mayonnaise, cream, and much more.

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